“Fun”tastic Art Camp


North Port Art Center’s Funtastic Art Camp

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Monday – Friday
9:00am – 1:00pm – lunch is included

North Port Art Center’s Funtastic Art Camp will feature 8 weeks. Choose to come one week or every week! Each week will offer different art projects.  Free lunch (provided by Sarasota County) or they may bring a non-refrigerated/non-microwaveable lunch. Projects include tie-dye, mosaics, clay, paper-making, paper-mâché, drawing, canvas painting, pastels, beading, and more crafts and fine art. Check website for schedules or *Like us on facebook: NPAC Youth Art. All teachers and volunteers are screened and certified. Please fill out all info on the Camper tab.

Weekly Activities

Week 1 June 4- 8
Bring a pet photo.

Pottery (glazed & fired), Mosaic tile, Butterflies (watercolor), Stained Glass (chalk pastels), Rothko (tissue paper), Romero Britto Puzzles (collage), Kente, Paper Weaving, Pet Portraits (oil pastels), Fairy Houses, and  Super Heroes (drawing).

Week 2 June 11 - 15


Bring a shirt to paint

One-Stroke Painting (flamingo), Sew a Pocket (plastic canvas), Pottery, Scream Parodies (colored pencil), Silk-screen, Franz Marc “Blue Horse” (oil pastel), 2D Becomes 3D (cardboard sculpture), Eco Art Butterflies (mixed media), Linear Landscape drawing technique

Week 3 June 18 - 22

Doodle and Draw cartooning, Tic Tac Toe (sculpy clay), Pointillism style painting, Beading (symmetry),
Complimentary Colors (paint), Andy Warhol mono prints,  Silberzweig portraits (oil pastel), Candle Making, Shoebox Castles, Invent a Board Game

Week 4 June 25 - 29

Bring something white for Tie-Dye

Painting on Wood, Mural Painting (collaborative), Eric Carle (collage), Terracotta Soldiers (air-dry clay), Dali Drawing, Tie-Dye, One-Point Perspective,  Goyataku (fish prints), Pioneer People and Scratchboard Fireworks

The North Port Art Center is CLOSED the week of 7/2-6

Week 5 July 9 - 13

Jungle Painting, Stepping Stones, Drawing techniques, DIY Play dough, Painted Wall Hanging, Stop Action Movies, Matisse cut outs (collage),
Paint Like Kandinsky,  Emily Carr Trees (watercolor) and Alexander Calder “Stay-bles”

July 13th 6:30pm NPAC Youth Art Reception

Week 6 July 16 - 20


Sun Catchers, Paper Mache Maracas, Drawing fundmentals, Painting Portraits like Matisse, Canvas Painting (shading), Architecture Frank Lloyd Wright,  Louise Nevelson (assemblage), Landscape (watercolor), Salvador Dali Dreams and“UP” (photo-drawing)

Week 7 July 23 - July 27


Rock Painting, Pirate Ships, Low Tech TV (drawing), Anime Cartooning, Eiffle Tower (Architecture & engineering), Chuck Close Self Portrait (Pencil), Jackson Pollack (squirt-gun, drip, & splatter), Gustav Klimt (metallic markers), Pablo Picasso and Treasure Map (drawing)

Week 8 July 30 - Aug 3

One-Stroke Painting, Faux Stained Glass, Puppets, Steampunk Bottles, Flower Textures, Thumb-Print Drawings, Shoe Art (painting), Bubble Art, Jasper Johns (collage) and Graffiti

August 3rd 6:00pm NPAC Youth Art Reception and Puppet Show


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